Draining Sky

I'm selling this photograph (it is a photograph, not a painting) that I took as a print for anyone who would like a nice decoration in their home. Here's a little story behind the picture:

I took this while I was on a trip down the Oregon coast. This place is called Thor's Well. It's a hole in the ocean on top of a rocky plateau. I have a lot of fears, and walking onto an unstable rocky platform with 10-12ft swells crashing over me was a lot for me to handle. The waves were so rough that at one point, me and the other photographers went back to shore for cover.

I sat there and watched as the sun set, and I thought to myself "I didn't come out here for nothing. I need to live a little." So I ventured back out into the waves, and I ended up getting this shot. My goal is for this photograph to evoke the same emotions that I felt when I stood on that rocky ledge, dodged the waves, conquered my fear, and watched an amazing sunset happen.



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