Baker Beach

I'm selling this as a print to anyone who is interested(: As an artist, I think that it's important for people to know the story behind the shot. It really adds a lot to the photograph once you know the story. So here's a little background on this shot:

I visited San Francisco for a few days. It was absolutely gorgeous, and the fog was as heavy and constant as everyone said it would be. I decided to visit Baker Beach on the last night that I was there so that I could get a photograph of the Golden Gate Bridge. It was very foggy, and the waves were pretty rough. On top of that it was high tide, so the only way for me to get a decent shot was to venture out into the water.

When I took this shot, I was about knee deep in freezing cold water. I really liked the way the water looked when it went back out into the ocean, so I took a long exposure shot to get this. This is the water churning up the sand underneath it as it drains back into the ocean.

This photograph would look excellent in any home(:



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