Hi, I’m Matthew! I’m a freelance photographer/videographer with over 4 years of experience working with many different clients to create high-quality images and videos. I’ve worked with everyone from small non-profits and small businesses to large corporate businesses, and all have been extremely satisfied with my work.

I’ve also had the pleasure of working with people to tell a story or to capture beautiful moments in their lives such as an engagement, an adoption, a pregnancy, or a marriage. Each story is unique, and every project is an opportunity to tell a story.

I started off doing time-lapse photography with a small cheap camera back in 2013. As I began to develop my skills I became very interested in landscape photography, so I took a month one summer in 2014 to go out to Oregon, Washington, and California. For part of my time there I worked under an experienced landscape photographer who taught me everything he knew from composition, to knowing your camera, to editing. This gave me an excellent start and my skills quickly advanced. My work was immediately recognized and I began selling prints of my work. Since then, I take a trip every year to somewhere new and photograph the landscape. I’ve traveled to places like Banff, Glacier National Park, the Grand Canyon, Alaska, and more. My work has been displayed in several businesses including a business in Atlanta that designed their entire office around my photographs.

I then began sharpening my skills with portrait photography in 2015. I try to blend my love of landscape photography with the joy of capturing beautiful moments in people’s lives. This usually entails bringing the client to a stunning location with mountains, fall colors, waterfalls, etc. and creating a unique blend of landscape photography with portrait photography. My clients have been extremely satisfied with the results, and have really enjoyed working with me.

During my time at Clemson University, in 2015, I took a video editing class. I was an amateur with video and had some experience, but I wanted to advance my editing skills. The professor of the class was impressed by my work, and approached me about interning for him at Clemson Broadcast Productions. I accepted the position and spent the next 1 1/2 years learning everything there is about video production from filming to directing to editing and producing. I quickly developed a professional skill-set for video production, and was even given the responsibility of directing entire projects by the end of my internship.

Once I graduated in December 2016, I immediately began working as a videographer at Grace Church in Greenville, SC. There I was able to work as a camera operator, editor, producer, and director which gave me a well-rounded set of video production skills. During my time there I also took on several freelance video projects including an adoption fundraising video, a music video, two weddings, and several other small freelance projects. Each project stretched my skills further and I learned more about video production in every aspect.

Now I work as a full-time freelance photographer and videographer. I combine my love for landscape photography with my love for storytelling to create a unique and captivating product that all of my clients have been impressed by.

I’d love to work with you to tell your story!

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